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Darren King

SBALenders.com is devoted to assisting entrepreneurs looking for capital to grow their businesses and to make their dreams come true. I’ve been around small businesses my whole life – first as a CPA then as a CEO and now as an angel investor. What I’ve learned over a 25 year business career raising capital and investing capital in startups and small businesses is often those mostly likely to succeed in fundraising simply know where to go for capital. The successful entrepreneurs seek out the bank(s) most likely to lend them money and they don’t was time with banks who don’t.

So we have constructed a website that will help you separate the pretenders from the contenders — the banks the most likely to provide you with an SBA loan. Not only do we rank the banks for you, we provide you all types of relevant data points – how many SBA loans each bank has made this year, where the banks actually lend, the size of the loans, and the interest rates they charge. Our goal is to save you time and money and most importantly find you the money you need to grow your business.

Why do we focus on SBA loans? SBA loans are a wonderful source of capital for small businesses as the interest rates tend to be lower, loan durations tend to be longer (~ 5 to 10 years in many cases), and the loan covenants (i.e., the bank’s criteria for whether the loan is in default or not)  at typically much more favorable compared to traditional commercial loans.  Also, since the banks receive a repayment guarantee from the SBA if the borrow does not repay the loan, SBA lenders often will provide borrowers with SBA loans when those borrowers would not qualify for the banks’ more rigorous commercial loan standards since the banks’ credit risk is relatively less.

Darren King

Author Biography: Over three decades of experience in finance and accounting helping small businesses make the right financial decisions and obtain the right capital structure for their businesses. Experience as a CPA (inactive), CFO, CEO, angel investor, and venture capitalist.

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