Covid Relief PPP

We believe the recently passed $284B in new PPP funding will run out in two weeks or less (assuming the SBA can scale eTrans to that throughput level out of the gate). See our PPP predictions and calculations regarding when funds will run out. As you may recall, the original PPP program (created through the Cares Act) was for $659 billion, but only $525B was applied for by the August 8 deadline. We recommend you apply as soon as possible.

CARES Act (2020)Current Covid Relief Bill (2021)
Program size$659 billion allocated by Congress; $539 billion actually spent$284 billion
Business size< 500 or less employees (with exceptions for multiple locations)< 300 employees (with limits on multiple locations)
Covid impactMust state that Covid negatively impacted biz>25% reduction in quarterly sales from Covid
Maximum PPP loan$10 million$2 million
Loan Amount2.5x average monthly payroll2.5x average monthly payroll;
3.5x for dining, lodging, and news


We crunched the numbers and here were the most active PPP lenders during the CARES Act PPP loan program, which ran from March to August:

RankLender (loans < $150,000)# of PPP LoansRankLender (loans > $150,000)# of PPP Loans
1Bank of America313,7551JPMorgan Chase Bank36,923
2JPMorgan Chase Bank243,2602Bank of America29,796
3Kabbage193,8413Truist Bank15,764
4Cross River Bank192,3804PNC Bank14,590
5Wells Fargo Bank182,1535Wells Fargo Bank12,288
6Celtic Bank Corporation143,0686TD Bank10,449
7U.S. Bank99,6097KeyBank9,394
8TD Bank75,5198U.S. Bank8,755
9WebBank74,6149Zions Bank8,481
10Customers Bank72,17910M&T8,308

Note that many of the banks on the list above only processed PPP loans for their own customers, which explains why many of the top banks on the list also happen to be many of the largest banks in America. Some Fintechs did participate in the second allocation of PPP capital after the initial funds ran out, and we suspect their earlier participation with the autumn PPP round will only accelerate how the fast the dollars are allocated. Regardless, even with all dollars being earmarked to borrowers we believe it’s likely that Congress will go back and allocate even more dollars just like with the CARES Act PPP program. And, just like with CARES Act PPP, Heroes Act PPP will be a stressful time for borrowers, bankers, and the SBA as there will an initial stampede to grab the “first come, first served” nature of the program. An open ended program (with no dollar limit) would be ideal but unlikely.

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