Financing a Goddard School franchise with an SBA loan

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Invest in the Future with The Goddard School: A Leading Name in Early Childhood Education

Are you passionate about education and looking for a business opportunity that makes a lasting impact? A franchise with The Goddard School could be the perfect venture for you. Known for its exceptional early childhood education programs, The Goddard School offers prospective franchisees a chance to succeed in a meaningful industry while shaping young minds. This article outlines why becoming a Goddard School franchisee is an enriching and profitable decision.

Why Choose The Goddard School?

1. A Reputation for Excellence: The Goddard School is renowned for its high-quality, play-based educational approach. With more than 30 years of experience in the field, The Goddard School has established itself as a leader in early childhood education, providing a curriculum that fosters learning and development in a nurturing environment.

2. Comprehensive Franchisee Support: Franchisees receive extensive support from the moment they join The Goddard School family. This includes assistance with site selection, construction, licensing, and a thorough training program that covers classroom management, curriculum implementation, and staff development. Additionally, ongoing support in marketing, operations, and professional development is provided to ensure franchise success.

3. Strong Community and Brand Presence: With over 500 schools nationwide, being part of The Goddard School network means joining a community of dedicated educators and entrepreneurs. The strong brand presence and collective marketing efforts lead to greater visibility and credibility, which drive enrollment and business growth.

4. Financial Growth Potential: The demand for high-quality early education continues to grow, making The Goddard School a wise investment. Franchisees benefit from multiple revenue streams including tuition, registration fees, and summer programs. The proven business model and support system help maximize profitability and ensure a strong return on investment.

5. Making a Difference: Perhaps the most fulfilling aspect of owning a Goddard School franchise is the opportunity to make a significant impact on children’s lives. Educators and franchisees alike take pride in creating a foundation for lifelong learning and success for every child that walks through their doors.

Financial Commitment and Returns

Starting a Goddard School franchise requires a substantial financial investment, including franchise fees, real estate costs, and operational expenses. However, the potential for a high return on investment is strong, given the brand’s market positioning and operational support. Prospective franchisees should be prepared for the initial investment and have the financial resources to sustain the business during its growth phase.

The Goddard School SBA Loans by Quarter

Franchise# of Loans Avg LoanAvg RateYearQtr
The Goddard School1 $2,477,2007.3%20234
The Goddard School2 $2,437,3006.4%20233
The Goddard School6 $1,536,9178.7%20232
The Goddard School11 $2,195,4918.6%20231
The Goddard School9 $1,863,4567.5%20224
The Goddard School10 $2,129,6206.7%20223
The Goddard School9 $2,390,3894.6%20222
The Goddard School7 $560,7574.6%20221

Age of The Goddard Schools at time of SBA financing

Franchise# of Loans Avg LoanAvg RateBusiness Age
The Goddard School8 $2,674,5887.1%Change of Ownership
The Goddard School11 $2,785,3006.6%Existing or more than 2 years old
The Goddard School9 $1,515,5117.1%New Business or 2 years or less
The Goddard School27 $1,427,9706.7%Startup, Loan Funds will Open Business

Ideal Candidates for The Goddard School Franchise

The ideal Goddard School franchisee is someone who:
  • Is passionate about early childhood education.
  • Has a background in education, business, or a related field.
  • Possesses strong leadership and communication skills.
  • Is committed to upholding the high standards of The Goddard School brand.
  • Is enthusiastic about building a business that supports families and communities.

Getting Started

The process to become a Goddard School franchisee involves several key steps:

  • Initial inquiry and consultation to discuss goals and expectations.
  • Participation in a comprehensive discovery process that includes visits to existing schools.

  • Extensive training in The Goddard School’s systems, culture, and curriculum.


    Owning a Goddard School franchise is more than a business venture—it’s a commitment to the future. As a franchisee, you’ll deliver outstanding education and care, ensuring the best start in life for the children you serve. With the support of a nationally recognized brand and a network of passionate educators, you can build a thriving business that enriches your community and offers substantial personal and financial rewards. If you are ready to make a profound impact through education, consider starting your journey with The Goddard School today.

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