SBA Express Loans

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The SBA Express loan program is popular with borrowers and bankers due to an accelerated turnaround time for SBA review. The SBA will respond to your application within 36 hours.

Maximum loan amount$1,000,000 until 12/31/20; $350,000 beginning 1/1/21
Maximum SBA guarantee %50%
Interest rateLenders and borrowers can negotiate the interest rate, but it may not exceed the SBA maximum
Eligibility decisionMade by the lender
Revolving lines of creditUp to seven years with maturity extensions permitted at the outset
SBA turnaround timeWithin 36 hours
FormsLender primarily uses own forms and procedures, plus SBA Form 1919
CollateralLenders are not required to take collateral for loans up to $25,000. May use their existing collateral policy for loans over $25,000 up to $350,000.
Credit decisionMade by the lender
PurchaseLender may request expedited SBA purchase on small loans or in situations where liquidation may be delayed


Here are the top SBA Express lenders based on 2019 SBA loan activity:

RankBank# LoansAvg loanRate
1TD Bank2,741$50,4909.9%
3U.S. Bank2,332$38,8508.6%
4Wells Fargo2,221$15,78310.4%
5JPMorgan Chase1,668$131,7248.8%
7Eastern Bank422$70,1769.9%
8PNC Bank406$81,1928.2%
9Columbia State287$45,4957.8%
10Bank of Hope279$116,4307.6%
11Santander Bank277$110,3699.5%
12Banner Bank253$102,1137.1%
13Comerica Bank228$118,1527.0%
14Fifth Third Bank213$96,1208.5%
16Zions Bank189$55,20810.5%
18Webster Bank178$99,8798.5%
19Oriental Bank169$104,2677.3%
20People's United155$91,7837.8%


The CARES Act increased the maximum loan amount to $1 million from $350,000 for loans made until the end of 2020. SBA Express loans approved prior to March 27, 2020 may not be increased to a total loan amount of more than $350,000. If the borrower needs additional funding, the borrower may request a new loan but the aggregate amount of Express loans may not exceed $1 million in 2020.


SBA Express is just one of many SBA loan programs available. Here is the complete list of SBA loan programs.