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The #1 reason loans are declined

The number one reason small business banks decline borrowers is lack of cash flow. Even though the SBA will provide its SBA bank with a guarantee for… Read more »

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SBA loan eligibility criteria & required docs

  All SBA loan borrowers want to know 1) will my loan request be approved and 2) what documents do I need to provide my SBA bank?… Read more »

Top Banks for Loans for Electricians

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Top Banks for Machine Shop Loans

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Heroes Act PPP loans

________________________________________________________________________________________________ Post update: There is bi-partisan support on Congress and in the White House to provide Covid relief via another round of payroll protection program (“PPP”) loans…. Read more »

Covid questions SBA borrowers should expect

In the era of Covid, banks have clearly altered their sentiments to a variety of industries for SBA loans such as restaurants and hotels, which we have… Read more »

Covid impact of SBA lending in America

To ascertain the impact that Covid has had on lending to small businesses in America, we analyzed SBA loan data provided to us by the Small Business… Read more »

Covid impact on SBA lenders

Now that we are six months post-Covid outbreak in the U.S., trends are starting to emerge regarding SBA lending. Here are our observations after seeing hundreds of… Read more »

SBA acquisition loans

SBA business acquisition loans We work with many entrepreneurs looking to the SBA’s 7(a) loan program to fund a business acquisition. While much of the eligibility and… Read more »

Fed Ex Route Loans

Most consumers do not realize that Federal Express contracts with entrepreneurs to delivery its packages. These contracts, which typically average between one and three years (but typically… Read more »

Top banks for nursing home SBA loans

  SBA loans for senior care facilities and nursing homes are a popular choice for many operators as loans can be structured for up to 25 years… Read more »