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Last annual update: Feb 17, 2022


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The SBA lenders in Arizona are among the largest providers of funding under the SBA’s various loan programs to businesses in the state. Funding is available under these programs to business owners in a variety of industries, from hospitality, food and beverage to auto repair and machine shops.

You can rely on the various Arizona SBA lending options to take full advantage of the opportunities to grow your business. The loans provided by these SBA lenders in Arizona can be utilized for a variety of needs, such as constructing new facilities, purchasing real estate, equipment and inventory, acquiring businesses, and more.

Get the financing your business needs to thrive through these top SBA lenders in Arizona:

Most active SBA lenders in Arizona

AZ RankArizona BankBank HQs# of AZ LoansAvg InterestAvg Arizona Loan
1U.S. BankCincinnati, OH805.7%$206,965
2Wells FargoSioux Falls, SD717.3%$301,649
3Sunflower BankDenver, CO594.6%$673,168
4United Midwest Savings BankDe Graff, OH446.0%$174,441
5PNC BankWilmington, DE396.3%$633,590
6Celtic BankSalt Lake City, UT395.9%$1,151,744
7Live OakWilmington, NC385.5%$1,334,316
8Zions BankSalt Lake City, UT384.9%$1,057,766
9Metro Phoenix BankPhoenix, AZ294.9%$1,062,379
10MidFirst BankOklahoma City, OK284.7%$1,506,296
11Newtek Small Business FinanceLake Success, NY246.0%$601,658
12Meadows BankLas Vegas, NV235.2%$1,398,678
13MUFG Union BankSan Francisco, CA234.1%$1,066,904
14America First FCURiverdale, UT215.2%$914,790
15JPMorgan Chase BankColumbus, OH185.3%$357,650
16Midwest Regional BankFestus, MO186.0%$692,194

SBA loans – Arizona

People tend to have the following concerns about these Arizona SBA lenders:

  1. Whether they’re on the Arizona preferred lender list?
  2. Whether they’re approved to lend in Arizona?
  3. Whether they offer SBA Express loans in Arizona?

These concerns are typically based on the curiosity about SBA lenders in Arizona, particularly about their ability to process loan applications quickly. We have put together this list based on an analysis of thousands of SBA loans sanctioned in a given year. The lenders are ranked based on recent loan activity. 

These Arizona SBA lenders are major players in the industry that have sanctioned the most number of SBA loans in the state. As such, they’re quite familiar with the SBA 7(a) program and other loan options under the SBA umbrella. 

Businesses looking for an SBA loan should also keep in mind that there are major nationwide SBA lenders that will provide loans to businesses wherever they might be based. They have considerable experience with all SBA programs. Don’t make the mistake of simply limiting your search for SBA lenders to your home state. Use our lender match tool to find a suitable lender that can prove to be the right partner for your business. We provide business loan activity for borrowers by state, as well as the major Arizona markets of Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tucson.

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